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ダーニエル 🎴

Salve! I'm a Tech Lead from Brazil. I'm passionate about technology and constantly seeking new challenges to expand my skillset. I enjoy mastering new programming languages and frameworks and contributing to open source projects. I also like sharing my progress through live coding.

Selected projects (4)


C++ β€’ OpenGL β€’ xmake

Foliage Recognition

Python β€’ Scikit-Learn β€’ OpenCV

Packet Racers

Rust β€’ Tokyo β€’ Socket

Pile Lang

Rust β€’ Parser Combinators β€’ LLVM β€’ WebAssembly

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How to structure C++ projects with xmake


Using a simple lua configured builder and package manager.

Foliage Classification


Foliage Classification Machine Learning with manual feature extraction

A first project with ExpressoTS


The Developer-Friendly TypeScript Framework for Server-Side Applications

Brewing a Full-Stack Breakfast with ExpressoTS, Bun, and Elysia


Combine the power of ExpressoTS with Bun's Elysia framework in TypeScript for a mouth-watering full-stack experience.

Planned posts

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My thesis concept

I will explore the concept of my graduation thesis in this post.

Crafting Your Own Framework: A Masterclass on node-addon-api

to be done

Unveiling Neon: Writing High-Performance Node.js Extensions in Rust

to be done

Harnessing the N-API with Napi-rs: The Future of Rust and Node.js Interoperability

to be done

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